Monday, September 28, 2009

On Black and White and Brown

I'm tired of black people. And white people. And Yellow people. And Red people. And Latino people (which is not a race, by the way, but a culture or a common language base.). In truth everybody is shades of brown; or we all soon will be. I'm tired of all those color identities. They remind me of a children's coloring more ways than one.

How did all those shades happen? After all, didn't we all start black, in Africa?

People started shifting, I guess. Black people who couldn't take the African heat, or who just wanted to get away from their mothers and fathers, etc, went North and East.

They lightened up as they travelled. By the times some of them got to Sweden and Norway, they were a very, very light shade of brown, almost pink. (You think they would have stayed dark; especially when the got to Norway and Sweden; black absorbs the sun better. Oh, well, who said evolution is always straight, linear, and logical.)

Another group of blacks that left Africa went North and East. We can call them the North Eastern group. They wound up in China and became off-white, became a kind of pink-brown (for some reason people started calling them yellow; maybe it was the way the Asian sun reflected on their pink-brown faces).

Another group who left Africa, let's call them the South Eastern group, went to Australia, and stayed there...and stayed black...until some of them moved North, and mixed with some earlier whites from the Caucasus who had moved East and became brown. That later mixed group got Indian and darker Brown.

Some dark browns stayed there; some went to Micronesia etc.

Etc, etc, etc. A lot of moving and travelling.

So all this racial identity as some pure color strain is bull, crazy. We all started black; we've been directly and indirectly getting shades of brown ever since.

Thank God for sex; the great common denominator. My hope: that we don't stop having sex until we're all simply shades of brown. They we can give it up and get along. After all, sex is nothing but a release of tension, right. No racial differences, no tension to relieve. Heaven on earth.


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