Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who Has the Real Power

Diane Sawyer was selected a couple of days ago as the second major network (ABC) anchor of nightly news, following Katie Couric who was and is the first at NBC. Two of the three network anchors are women! A sign of the times? Yes. In a way we might not think of? Perhaps.

Consider: while there are more gays, women and African Americans (and Latinos) in power positions in the US, in Congress, in local Government levels, in colleges and graduate schools than ever before, can it be said that the real power is tipping in their favor? Or, is all that attainment a sign of their empowerment, or as a New York Times columnist said today: "Women anchors [and by extension their fellow former disenfranchised, gays and blacks] may turn out to be what women doctors were in the Soviet Union, a majority without status or financial advantage."

Are blacks, women and gays just "seeming" to in power positions? Has the white male establishment just pulled a classic Judo move: when confronted by the 40-year old inevitable "diversity" attack, simply step back and let the attackers seem to be in control prior to falling on their face; that is, the white male power (read $$$$) structure simply backed off of overt prominence, let blacks and gays and women have the camera lights, but the $$$-white men still write the script and determine who runs the show?

How? $$$$$. Campaign contributions. The white power structure still determines who gets the cash to run for election and re-election, through their lobbyists, direct campaign contributions, and their PACs. The still run the show. The white male $$$ structure pulls the 'diversity' candidates and officials' electioneering-oriented strings.

Diane Sawyer, Barney Franks (and Obama?) just pretty 'diversity' faces for the ever-powerful and seemingly irrepressible white power structure to stand behind and control?


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