Monday, September 21, 2009

A Slight Personal Rant

I was reading the LA Times and NY Times Sunday, perusing the movies and travel section, looking for a movie to see or place to go. Two problems struck me: There are too many movies in the theaters and too many places to travel to; and...the reviews on everything were so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. They can't be true.

I've seen some of the movies and travelled to some of the places; and they were not that great. Can anyone or anything you read in newspapers be believed anymore?

Or is it a time of absolute excess and hype everywhere, not just from politicians and sub-prime mortgage lenders? Everyone is a liar and publicity flak.

God, I yearn for a filter, a source of objective evaluation and criticism to help me with my decision-making.

What happened to Walter Cronkite-type reporting; the NY Times obeying its banner: "All the News That's Fit to Print"? Cronkite's dead and the New York Times is dying.

Is there no "representative democracy" anymore? Someone I can choose/elect with confidence to be both smarter than me and objective in their dissemination of info to me. Is nothing's fit to print? Even the NY Times (the source of the "All the News..." quote) is biased left. Fox News is biased right. Colunmist Maureen Dowd of the Times is just the other side of the Glenn Beck coin. This century is a time of identity politics, chosing sides, adversarial spining of the truth, anarchy and relativism.

I think I'll stay at home this weekend; no movies, no travel plans. I don't believe what anybody says any more, about movies, travel or anything else. I guess I'm left depending upon myself for truth and objectivity.

Now there's a scary thought.


Blogger Ziyah said...

I'm not sure your "yearning for a filter" will ever come Cliff ... Why? Because you ARE a filter and a damn good one.

Place's everyone.

5:18 AM  

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