Saturday, September 05, 2009

Health Care and Revolution

Why is there so much anger, right and left, over the health care debate? Perhaps because there is no easy answer, only two unacceptible alternatives. The first is to stay as we are, with high costing, insecure medical-insurance coverage (we can be dropped at anytime from the insurance rolls because of pre-existing conditions or loss of job); or, secondarily, we can be covered by a government we don't like, trust or respect.

Two years ago, the govcernemnt told us Medicare was in a disaster state; now they are touting Medicare for everyone.

They say are going to cut costs but insure everyone. They promise they are not going to cover illegal aliens, but they want to postpone immigration reform to next year. Be assured the same people touting single payer governemet plans this year will almost certainly back of form of amnesty for the 12,000,000o so residing illegals, which will automatically make the 12,000,000 eligible for governemnt coverage. Cut costs? On whose back?

So here we are: we don't trust corporations (medical, financial, pharmaceutical) to serve our interests, we don't trust goverment (look at the polls) to look out for our concerns (all they seem interested in are conducting parties for lobbyists to fund their next election) we the electorate is stuck in the middle of a growing medical/insurance problem with no acceptible solutions.

Revolution, anyone? No wonder people are screaming and carrying guns.


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