Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Most Wonderful Book

For anyone who wants to get a true and BALANCED glimpse into the Middle East--from Iran to Israel to Egypt to Turkey--I recommednd "The Mirror of the Arab World; Lebanon in Conflict" by Sandra Mackey. I am reading it now. W.W. Norton is the publisher. It is most wonderfully, wonderfully written. I am amazed how much this book has clarified for me that region of the world--a region of the world which is most lkely than any other to plunge us into WW III. Please, if you at all want to understand--historically, economically, socially and culturally--that region of the world, ready Ms. Mackey's book. I am on page 127 now. The body of the book is only 266 pages, slim by the standards of similar books. Read it. I may be fooled by the next 140 pages, but I doubt it. It should be required reading for American citizens who vote for repesentatives that make foreign policy decisions.


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