Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thoughts on Illegal Aliens

There are by most estimates at least 11 million illegal aliens living in America. They are breaking the law.

Moreover, the people who are hiring them are breaking the law, as well. (Oh, a few of these employers get their hands slapped, but the law is widely being broken nonetheless.)

Isn't such massive lawbreaking a form of of legal and social anarchy? Wild west lawlessness: "rules" and the law are only what people have the will (and power) to enforce?

And now, with the newly proposed health care legislation, a question arises: are we going to be asked to pay taxes to provide insurance for the illegal aliens? Are they included in the statistics about "40 million uninsured"? No one tells us. I assume they are. After all, legal Americans are already providing education and emergency room care for illegal aliens through taxes.

Illegal alien supporters will retort, illegal aliens pay taxes...therefore they are paying for these social services.

But couldn't one consider the money they pay into the tax system a form of bribery: "I will give the government 'x' amount of money if the government turns away while we get the health and education benefits from our illegal presence in America?" By the way, employers are complicit and benefit in that bribery/theft: they would have to pay legal workers higher wages.

In the final analysis, aren't legislator/politicians (including Obama) who do nothing about the anarchy with their legislative and enforcement aiding and abetting lawlessness?

Yet they ask me to respect and honor the other laws they pass?

A conundrum.


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