Friday, June 26, 2009

Memories of Sofia

There once was a girl named Sofia
who said to DC friends 'I'll see ya'
and flew on an airplane with Popi and Mommy
through three thousand miles of air that was balmy

to visit her silly old Grammy and Grandpa
at their home in sun-filled California
near mountains and beachfront so sandy
and a pier that had ice cream and candy.

She brought toothbrush, swimsuit and suitcase
Sally her doll, and dresses made with lace
and books, CDs and Baryshnikov tape
"DVD!" to Grandpa's mistake, mouth agape.

She did many things in the ten days there,
visiting Rogers and Rustic Canyon park, where,
the pool had no water, which made Sofia sad,
Grammy said later (in July) water would be had.

They went to the Annenberg pool
Where men worked long with a very loud tool
and Grammy complained but manager said:
"There's the quiet ocean, a few feet from your head."

Pacific Palisades swing park was a favorite stop,
Twenty fifth street too, filled with sand...plop!
Sofia took off her shoes right away,
and run around, swing, fall, jump and play.

They went to the pier and merry-go-round so dear
that Mommy used to ride when she was only a year
round and round both mother and daughter went
memories returned and new ones were bent

and people clumped and creaked on boardwalk of wood
but no one heard no matter how long they stood
because loud music, talk and noise generally mixing
from so many people vacationing and visiting.

Then when walking Sofia saw waves down below
smash the shore with a very strong blow
while the Ferris wheel whirled high above
"Daddy, ride with me. It's you that I love!"

She climbed on his back which was strong
and secure, fifty pounds of legs that were long
father/daughter walked to colorful ancient ride,
that moved round and round in rhythm to the tide.

Sofia rode the rides in the children's section
around and forward she went, a special connection
she made on a favorite up and down ride,
with a boy and his sister who cried and cried.

And the ride had to stop to let sister off,
which made Sofia and friend seem to doff
their hats to thank the worker for giving them
a free extra ride; an unexpected gem.

A full day was spent at Marina Del Rey
though not in a particularly calming way
which started in AM with Grandpa not in bed,
when Sofia wanting to bring a new day to his head

With her daily wake-up call of cock-a-doodle-do
and everyone always saying "We love you!"
But waking up Grammy in bed was not enough
for Sofia to feel she had done her stuff

Disappointment trailed into breakfast as well,
pleasantness of food lasting but a spell
until Grammy got kicked "in fun" a bit too strong
And Sofia refused to say "I'm sorry; I'm wrong."

It took an hour more for total peace to resume
and we all headed off to Venice, without a fume
So many people and sights and bicycle, too
At first was fun, but 'cock-a-doodle-do,

Not fully absorbed turned to whining discontent.
Not all the nastiness by Sofia was meant
It's hard to be five and perfectly dear
Until finally ice cream created a final good cheer.

Then home for a rest, and "Cinderella" DVD
snuggled in bed with Grandparents just we
then dinner, toys on the floor, reading time,
another happy day, with thoughts and /our faces sublime.

But then came the shock, ten days had just passed,
time for Mommmy/Popi to resume packing at last
with promises from Sofia to make the phone ring
and return in August to do her special thing.

"I love you, Grandpa,", she said, arms around his neck,
and hugs and kisses "a bushel and a peck,"
a final good night Grammy reading a story
And tucked in bed; then a million kisses; "no worry";

August was soon, Grammy's heart would survive
the end of Sofia's 10-day visit so alive.
The ride to the airport was quiet and calm,
Memories of a perfect time a sufficient balm.

Through security Sofia went, at the window she stood,
we waved and she waved and a vacuum withstood
traffic parting from her sight; a silence ensued
But happiness too, a one would brood.


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