Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Disease? Or not disease?

Another way to look at disease, at the bacteria that were attacking me during a recent liver abscess: there were simply millions of other life forms attempting to survive and grow by eating my liver cells.

After all, what is all material life but one-to-billions of organized cells fighting each other to respectively survive; to maintain their form, both individually and/or as a species. No one is right or wrong, good or bad; it is all but a neutral battlefield--my cells versus your cells--seen from above the fray.

Which is both ironic and right: How else did I get here; but...my father had to send gazillions of sperm cells swimming into my mother trying to penetrate her single egg cell? She fought them all off...all but one. And here I am...although she never called me a disease...at least to my face. My existence accordingly--that is, in accordance as it is with the evolution of all universal forms-- is nothing more than a product of "your cell(s) finding a way to defeat my cell(s); or visa-versa".

Seen from outside ourselves, all humans are a disease: to all we eat and destroy, and to all the other cellular forms we defeat in our life's struggle. All this helped me psychologically when I was recovering from the abscess: I guess what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


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