Saturday, August 08, 2009

For your consideration...

Could the liberal support for illegal immigration in America can be seen as an extension of the 1960's social revolution, extending the rights and benefits achieved by blacks and women and gays and browns to the poor flood of illegal immigrants from Central and South America? Has the 40-year social revolution has now crossed borders; or more specifically, become border less?

A good thing? This nation's desire to identify with and help poor, disenfranchised peoples everywhere? A bad thing? The idea of nationhood--more specifically an American identity--being eradicated in the desire to aid these millions of people? The definition of citizen morphing into resident? Can America continue to afford to pay for extending social uplift to the world? We are still paying for--and need to continue to pay for--some of the old inclusion. I read recently we have 40 trillion dollars in unfunded obligations for Social Security and Medicare. How much debt can we take on?

Desire meets responsibility.


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