Friday, August 14, 2009

Insurance (?) Companies

All this talk about health care insurance is false. The product being sold by for-profit insurance companies isn't insurance. It's gambling. True insurance covers everyone, irrespective of age, physical condition, history of use, etc. True insurance is a collective COMMON pool of interests...a COMMON fund to provide protection against any undesirable condition occurring to its policyholders; conditions we ope never happen.

What for-profit insurance do, by screening applicants, is 'cherry pick' policy holders, completely rejecting or reconsidering (changing premium prices) or dropping applicants who might make claims that will reduce their profits. These companies are similar to Las Vegas gambling casinos; they are in the business of 'playing the odds' of use by premium holders...which is OK...gambling is legal in some states...but please don' call them insurance companies.

Paying taxes for the fire departments and police departments are true insurance. We taxpayers are policyholders and potential users...WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION... insured against potential problems (fire or lawbreaking situations) that might--unwanted-- occur to any of us who pay the premiums (in this case, taxes), whether we use the services never, once or a hundred times!

Only when for-profit so-called insurance companies reach that definitional state of non-discrimination among policyholders can they be honestly called 'insurance' companies.


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