Friday, June 12, 2009

Stupid and Smart People

Representative Democracy (for example, the USA) is based on the idea that stupid people cede decision making power to smart people (SEE disproportionate amount of leadders educated at Harvard, Yale, etc.); the rationale being, the smart are more likely to act smartly over time than the stupid.

Generally, this holds true.

But, when the elected and presumed smart people get elected and act as stupid as the stupid, the stupid are left not only with the residue of the smart people's stupid decsions (the smart people having been insulated from most of the effects of their former stupid decision-making...SEE Swiss Bank Accounts, etc....that's why they are called smart people), the stupid people must now choose a new set of smart people, generally from a group who were part of the same and old smart people who made the stupid decisions in the first place, but that is another issue).

The stupid people chose new smart people with enthusiam, not because the smart people have gotten any smarter in the interm, but because stupid people's confidence has been bolstered by the fact that the old smart people recenly being rejected proved to be as stupid as them. They elect new smart people, and instruct these new smart people how to govern, with referendums and polls and "tweets". The stupid triumph. Representative Democracy has been replaced by Pure Democracy.

Now things will get better. We can all be stupid together (exemplified by the fact that the bureaucats...generally not educated at Harvard or Yale, thus part of the stupid people) will run the nation.


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