Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Who Are You?

Who are you?

Are you simply your memory of you,
Or are you other's daily memory of you?
I would agrue that while you are alive, YOUR memory predominates.
You are the you as defined by yourself.
Your unfolding existence--what you do--come from
you think you are.
You daily recall who you are.
You think you are (which includes your feelings of you). Based on that,
you do, you become.
You become what you recall, think, feel you should become.
Memory--your memory--drives you.

Then you die,
and your memory dies with you.
Which is to say
you are no longer YOUR 'you'.
Your life is no longer relealed to the world by you, subjectively: by that I mean you are no longer there to remember what you are (that is, from within); and to act accordingly.
You are gone.
You are history.
Your life is now 'from without'.

You have become nothing more (or less) than the cumulative subjective memory of others, which we call the 'objective' you.
(You are the loudest and most useful memory of us, the one that defines the FOREVER you.)
That irony of your life: that other-hood's memory of you replaces your moemory.
You are gone from us (that subjective you); the objective you remains for others to say (from their memory and need)
who you are.

I ask again: Who are you?


Blogger Ziyah said...

This explains a lot ... like why I am such a fucking mess, STILL. If my memory is what has been driving me, no wonder I am so broken ...


7:46 AM  

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