Wednesday, March 18, 2009



A huge building named after you at a famous college.
A scientific discovery that carries your name.
A film that you wrote that becomes a classic.


Me, I'd trade all that for

A granddaughter that remembers me
when she is thirty;
long after my death
in spite of the fact
that I died
when she was five.

Many years later, when talking with a friend,
her friend says to her
"Do you remember your grandfather? I don't remember mine."
And my granddaughter says,
"I remember my grandfather so well.
"He was A...and X...and Y...and...Z."

And a tear forms in her eye.
And her heart seems to skip a beat.

my friend,
is immortality.


Blogger bob ballotta said...

Well put! If this happens it means that we have done something right while we were here. Fame, fortune, status are all endures.
There is nothing greater than to give your love to a child. Hopefully, my 7 grandkids will remember.
Regards from one of the gang on 6th street.

11:42 AM  
Blogger Cliff Osmond said...


It was Milton Berle and the Texaco Star Theatre, right?

8:02 PM  
Blogger bob ballotta said...

Yes it was. Remember this...
We're the merry Texaco men
Tonight we may be showmen
Tomorrow we'll be servicing your cars!

We wipe your pipe
We pump your gas
We jack your back
We scrub your glass

So join the ranks of those who know
And fill your tanks with Texaco

Fire Chief, fill up with Fire Chief, You will smile at the pile of new miles you will add

Sky Chief, fill up with Sky Chief
You'll find that Texaco's the finest friend your car has ever had

...And now, ladies and gentlemen... America's number one television star... MILTON BERLE!..."

8:23 AM  

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