Saturday, June 30, 2007

Outsourcing Mexico's Poor

Did you ever get the feeling that with this overwhelming influx of Mexican immigrants into the US that the Mexican wealthy/hierarchy/government might be outsourcing their poor?

The Mexican poor in Mexico have to eat; they need educational and medical services. The poor need welfare and social programs. Why keep them at home and spend Mexican dollars on them!!? The wealthy are smart; instead of raising taxes on their own wealth to help their native poor, why not send them (or at least do little to stop them from emegrating) to the US? Once here, the generous (stupid or naive, from the aristocracy's point of view) US allows the illegal-immigrant-Mexicans to send their children to US schools, to be serviced at US emergency rooms. An additional benefit: When the poor work in the US, they generously send much of their money back home to help family members to live better at more foreign exchange for thegovernment to play with. (Mexican-in-the-US dollars sent back to Mexico almost equals or exceeds foreign revenues derived from their most successful--and other--export, oil sales!)

Also--and most importantly--illegal emmigration relieves the revolutionary pressure of the poor that if remaining at home might and should be aimed at the Mexican aristocracy itself. The aristocracy/government attitude/policy seems to be: get rid of the home grown problems before they reach a critical mass and topple our aristocracy!!? Help/encourage/don't impede poor people-who-seek-a-better-life's flight into the US.

Illegal immigration into the US is not the fundamental problem. The continuing repreheasible social inequities in social and economic Mexico itself is the fundamental problem fueling illegal immigration into the US. Viva la (hoped for) Revolution!!


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