Friday, June 29, 2007

Schools and Education

Schools are to educate, not socially experiment. Students should not be sent to school to learn to get along; students will best learn to get along because it makes efficient their learning. Cooperation is not an educational goal; it is a successful tactic. Harmony, order, peace, understanding better enable us to learn 'reading, writing and arithmetic'...and the better, more successfully we learn those essential human interaction tools (the educational function; above all), the more and better we will learn and desire to interact. Tell me I have to get along with someone and I will not accede; I will rebel; show me how it is in my best interest to get along with someone, and I will follow. By emphasizing educational focus on 'reading, writing and arithmetic' the schools will more quickly first create educational equals and, subsequently, are more likely to get students--all of us--and for the rest of their lives--to accept the logic of accepting everyone as social equals.


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