Monday, June 04, 2007

The Post-Modern US

Almost all of multiculturalism, diversity, race, ethnic and cultural discussions in the US today are arguments about power: who gets a bigger slice of the economic pie. The cry of exclusion is nine times out of ten only a negotiating tactic; an attempt to use guilt as leverage. That is why discussion of history--the past--is most often skewed, distorted, and incomplete; these reviews seek not objectivity nor a comprehensiveness but rather an intellectual and emotional weaponry; armaments, fodder for the cannons of debate and zero-sum negotiations. Balance and rationality are seen as undermining adversarial positions. They erode conviction, surety, and certainty. Heaven help us if we enter a battle without having fully demonized your opponent--as racist, fascist, imperialist, chauvinist, etc.--it might lead to defeat. Remember, we are not seeking truth; we already have that. We are seeking advantage. Or to be truly post-modern about it: their is no singular, unifying truth; so why bother.


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