Friday, December 10, 2010

The Dangerous Class

The dangerous class: young men; captives of their own Darwinian testosterone. Look around the world: see the graphics of riot, protesters and disruption. Young men are everywhere, clashing in Haiti, Gaza, London, Mexico City, interfering and running riot with rules and public order. Their cause is irrelevant; their craziness is unavoidable.

Marriage and family was the age-old corrective. The Mormons had/have it right; marry young men off early, in their teens if possible; get them quickly into family responsibilities. After a full week of work, family nights and weekend Little League coaching, they will be too tired to cause any further chaos.

Modern Americans: beware of undermining the bonds of matrimony and family life. Electronic war games, action movies and pro football may not be distraction enough. Eventually, a critical mass of violence-prone young men on the loose may be the unintended consequence of weakening the bonds of matrimony. (I wonder what percentage of day-traders and derivative creators were married; and if so, how many children they had?)


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