Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Truth and Lies; and the Allure of the Latter

Human truth is harsh. It is thrust upon us. Self-recognition is a necessary evil forced on us by the failure of our illusions.

What would you rather have: the bumpy road of human truth, or the smooth highway of successful self-deception?

Kill the messenger, indeed. Less he goes off and discovers (and reports) of even more tragic circumstances.

All I ask of the lie is that someone (including myself) lie to me well; what I ask of the truth is distance...unless I absolutely require its factual presence.

The truth I am avoiding is: we are doomed to finitude. The illusion I desire is: we can live forever (graced with the goodness of God or the wonder of molecular re-incarnation.)

Do I believe in God? No. Do I believe in re-incarnation? No. But, oh boy oh boy, do I believe in believing...desperately, fervently, dare I say, spiritually and religiously. Life's truths are too heavy to bear.

"Our Father, who art in heaven..."


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