Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Citizens and the Draft

There was a note today in the newspaper yesterday that legal immigrants who have been in the US over two years will be fast tracked to citizenship if they join the armed forces.

I agree; anyone who fights for our country deserves to become a citizen.

But I think that anyone who is already a citizen of our country (by birth or not) should be required to fight for that country. In other words, I am for the draft and against a volunteer army.

A voluntary army distances the citizenry from the reality of war.

Citizen voters who vote for war (or allows their representatives to vote for it) should have a life direct stake in the life and death options of a war.

A war should be fought by you and me; by your kids, friends, husbands and wives. When we all be eligible to go to war, that properly raises the consciousness and stakes in making the decision whether to go to war in the first place.


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