Sunday, February 03, 2008

John Edwards; a Final Note

John Edwards' candidacy for president may be gone, but the message...all too tragically...remains:

The biggest problem facing the US and the world is rampant and unnecessary poverty. Most friction that results in war can be directly attributed to it. It is the oily rag whch the spark of terrorism ignites. (Well-fed people can rarely be induced to mass together to kill one another.)

Moreover, poverty is majorly exacerbated by corporate/state (and multi-national) greed.

In America, corporate greed is facilitated by lobbyists and their lock on campaign contibutions.

This was John Edwards' message.

Not enough Americans in campaign 2008 wanted to hear it. So with elegance and style, refusing to 'change message' to suit political expediency, he New Orleans, against a backdrop of devastation and poverty.

I personally felt cleansed by the campaign of John and Elizabeth Edwards; disappointed and uplifted at the same time; as one feels at the end of a great tragedy.

So Democrats are left with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Professor and the Politician, Macbeth (with a little Hamlet thrown in) and Lady Macbeth.

Which of their tragedies appeals to you?


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