Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Attack Dog

Am I alone in finding the spectre of the ex-President of all these United States, Bill Clinton, now being reduced (or probably more truthfully, reducing himself) to the status of an attack dog for his wife's candidacy?

I know the Clintons are known for playing political 'hard ball', but his playing 'bad cop' during the campaign so his wife can play 'good cop'...I find the image overwhelmingly undignified.

Are his actions in the campaign in suppiort of her an unconscious attempt to eradicate guilt for what he pulled on her when he was President; a form of penance or payback?

I agree any guy should support his wife, but, come on...if ballplayers have an image-obligation to the kids of this country, shouldn't the ex-President of the US have even more.

Bill Clinton should watch how his supposed friend and fellow-ex-President George Herbert Walker Bush comported himself when his son ran for President. There was class.

Perhaps that's the real issue here...class.

Please, Mr. ex-President, show a little class...or we might think your wife only stayed with you all these years because she had no class...just ambition and political calculation.


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