Friday, January 25, 2008

More Political Smoke and Mirrors: The Scheme to Help Us Spend Ourselves Out of the Recession

'Tax Rebate' my ass! This has nothing to do with taxes. The government is simply going to use the tax rolls to give people money ($300, or $600, or $1200 per couple) the government is going to have to borrow to give us all . In order to do that the deficit will be increased $150 billion, right?! That's borrowing. Quick: call the Chinese! (The concept of taxes only come in because the government is going to use the tax rolls to make up the national beneficiary list.)

Since the government is the people, the simple fact of the matter is: the government--our representatives--is facilitating everyone in America borrowing from themselves...a new spend now, pay later plan. As such, the 'tax rebate' is another financial shenanigan like the sub-prime mortgage fiasco which primarily got us into this mess!

Thanks, political leaders.

A better--and more honest--idea would have been to tell all Americans to increase our credit card debt by $2000 per person ($150 billion divided by 300 million people equals $2000). That way we could have saved all the bureaucratic salaries and the stamps required to mail ourselves our own money.

Of course, in that plan, the politicians couldn't have congratulated themselves on their 'bi-partisan' solution.

Vote for John Edwards.


Blogger Amy and Roger said...

Amen Mr. Osmond!

My two cents...Vote for Mike Huckabee.

I hope all is well.

11:02 AM  
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