Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The future is the past re-visited.

In biology it is stated "Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny." The development of an individual in his or her lifetime recapitulates the history of all human development.

Following that line of thinking, perhaps God and other universal thoughts are not mere 'irrational imaginings' as skeptics, including myself, often energetically avow, but are simply a true reflection of our infinite origins; the Big Bang (and the specific material origins of the universe to which man is materially connected) is a scientific explanation/metaphor of Man's sense of his expulsion/breaking from Paradise/infinity. Similarly, our desire to be in Heaven is a reflection of our eternal infinite future endings.

The historical/religious view of Jesus as God incarnate (part eternal, part specific) is a re-iteration of the overall human truth that Man is a temporarily fixed piece of a universal flow, destined to return inevitably from that temporary fixed status (as Man) to the universal flow (his eternal Father); or, universal infinity: 'From dust thou art, and unto dust you returneth'. The belief in God recapitulates our infinite origins...and our true eternal destiny. Ontogeny (including religious belief) recapitulates Philogeny in human essence as well as human existence.


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