Saturday, August 25, 2007

All is Forever

There was an article in the LA Times recently about the molecular process operative in the conversion of sights and sounds into memory (how molecules create new memories and re-kindling old memories). One of the thoughts (among the many, many that the articles struck deeply in me) was that, since smell was nothing more or less than the entrance of outer odor molecules into the nostrils...from whence they activated other molecules of the human system to create new human molecular synaptic formulations along the molecular nerve pathways to the human brain, etc...thereby creating new memories and activating old memories: molecules, molecules, molecules...ALL is molecules. Which led me to thinking further: perhaps the spiritualists and religionists are right: we never die. We just become different molecular forms...perhaps these molecules become so small they seem non-corporeal (non-physical) but are nonetheless eternally physically existent in the universe. Angels and life-forces and spirits are simply forms of re-arranged universal life... minuscule molecules obeying the Law of the Conservation of Matter: matter doesn't disappear when any universal form (such as the human body or driftwood) disintegrates; it just becomes transformed into something new. Science and religion are interdependently right; or, as I was taught in my Catholic Catechism about God: the molecular universe "was, is, and always shall be": one, universal and eternal.


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