Saturday, September 01, 2007


There are only two times in life when marriage is logical: one is when one is young and wants to have (and protect) children, and two, when one is old and doesn't want to die alone. The rest of the time--during that vast and often non-flourishing desert between these two periods of polar logic, during the long time the kids are growing and the creaks and groans of aging have yet to manifest themselves--sustaining a successful marriage becomes more an act of will than sanity. I suggest that a couple desirous of continuing a marriage during that long interregnum seek, find, nurture and partake in series of common 'social interests'...eating the same foods at the same kind of restaurants, believing in God, voting for the same political party, drinking and furtively smoking cigarettes together, hating (or liking) the same kinds of movies or TV shows, exercising--yoga, walking, biking, jogging--travelling, praying together...ANYTHING...any activity they can find in common...rather than admitting at worst they'd both rather be with someone else, or at best, blissfully alone.


Blogger Amy and Roger said...

I was just thinking...of the all the blessings God has given me, and there are MANY, intimacy with my husband is the one blessing that I am not asked to share! And that intimacy includes the advice you have given that I find so wonderful! Enjoy time together without the kids, even if it seems scheduled or forced at times. Roger and I are at the beginning of that "in-between" time with our youngest in first grade this year, and honestly, because we have held to date night, exercise together, pray together, attend church together, I am more in love with him now then when I met him 19 years ago. We just celebrated our 12th anniversary and by God's grace I can forsee many more to come...Such wisdom you share Mr. Osmond...P.S. You are a wonderful Grandpa...keep chasing the moon and sharing stories about it! It blesses me!

3:25 PM  
Blogger Cliff Osmond said...

I should have added "God" and "prayer" to the marital sharing possibilities of mid-marriage. My mistake; it will be corrected.

4:59 PM  

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