Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Need for Burkas

Why do Muslims demand women wear Burkas?

I believe the rationale is the same as to why boxers were not allowed to have sex before a big fight: Jihadist Muslim men feel the need to conserve, concentrate and channel their testosterone into nothing else but revolution. A women's skin seduces their concentration. Revolutions need testosterone; physical fighting requires it. Sex--seduced by unclothed female flesh--wastes the chemical flow necessary for fighting.

Think of the hippie battle cry of the 1970s: "Make Love Not War". It is the same concept coming from the opposite direction: The 'Love Children' who issued that motto wanted men to channel (get rid of) testosterone in sex, in order to preclude the desire to fight in war.

Jihadist are simply reverse love children. They want war instead of peace.

This difference RE testosterone emphasis arises from this: 'Hippies' of the 70s could afford to waste testosterone--to make love and not war--because they already had 'things'; they came from the middle class (they already had, and were destined to inherit) 'goodies'. On the other hand, Jihadists--who believe their destiny is to serve the poor--they even often even "walk-the-walk" on poverty; similar to Mao, Fidel and Gandhi living in the hills during the early stages of their revolutions); they primarily demand of themselves physical revolution (war) to achieve their political/economic revolution...and therefore need a lot of focused testosterone to achieve their goals: whether it be killing capitalists with focused suicide bombing (and saving the 70 virgins until heaven...when the fighting is successfully over) or overthrowing Harvard educated and Western oriented (read: $$$$) kingdoms such as Saudi Arabia.

In this regard Jihadists resemble many other former revolutionaries, who touted Puritanical social/personal doctrines while focusing their energy on fighting: the Russian Communists of the 20th Century, who killed on behalf of the poor Proletariat against the rich Capitalists, and whose female Comrade-attire was very sexually conservative (their outfits made them look like men) and the British Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans in the mid-Seventeenth Century who, while trying to wrestle control from the King and the Nobility, kept their women in hats and nun-like garb.

Burkas follow the same tradition: to enable warrior men to keep their eye on the donut (revolution) and not the hole.


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