Friday, September 28, 2007


Consciousness creates in humans a false sense of controlling their destiny...when in truth, consciousness is nothing more than humans passive awareness of their inner--and automatic--choices of behavior, the automatic workings of their 'stimulus/synapse/response mechanism.

We humans think we are in control because we are 'watching'. We see a red ball laying next to a blue ball on a table ; we say "we 'choose' to pick up the blue ball" when in reality were choosing nothing; we are simply conscious that our prior and inner autonomic 'choosing' mechanism made us pick up the 'blue' ball according to an inner neural sense of what is 'god' or 'bad' for us, 'pleasurable' or 'displeasing' (according to our eternal, never-ending quest for positive survival).

Our internal system chose the 'blue' ball; we were just aware--watching. Human awareness (consciousness) gives humans a false sense of choosing when the system is simply 'registering' the event on a separate human neural band called consciousness--the awareness of process and the storehouse of memory-links. To foolishly equate human consciousness with 'choice' is somewhat similar to an animal (or human?) being hit by a car and saying "we chose to be hit by it because we were aware it was coming and obviously didn't choose to get out of the way"!


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