Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Specialness #4 (SEE Specialness #1 blog, May 26, 2007 for Intro)

The following is a partial list of things that make us feel special (so we can avoid feeling small in this infinite universe):

Living in a hillside home.
Climbing a mountain.
Wearing six inch lifts when you're 5'2" tall.
Knowing a celebrity star (and therefore hoping their celebrity 'specialness' transferred to you...thereby lessening your anonymity).
Calling a celebrity-star by their first name: such as 'Paris', or 'Angelina', or 'Brad'.
Wearing 'brand' clothes...eating 'brand' food...brushing your teeth with 'brand' toothpaste...etc.
Having no 'love handles' at the age of sixty five.
Having an exotic name: 'Kateecha', 'Adrianna', 'Hannibal', etc.
Dismissing the homeless, the aged, and the physically challenged as self-indulgent.
Being loved by God.
Being loved by anyone.
Believing in God.
Not believing in God.
Having children.
Not having children.
Caring for the environment.
Driving a Prius.
Having a pet; OR having an obedient spouse (forgive me for repeating myself).
Having money.
Having no money: 'blessed are the poor'...
Marrying a young wife.
Marrying a rich husband.
Having your blog read. be continued.


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