Sunday, July 29, 2007

On Objectivity

Do you ever get tired of arguing; defending (as well as attacking) from your own set point of view; of being just another argumentative 'talking head'?

I do. I get tired of me treating knowledge as nothing but a ball game, a zero-sum activity, one winner, one loser?

What I desperately desire NOW, from from me as well as everybody else, is more and more honest discussion; exchanging opinions and knowledge so we can both (all) find the objective truth.

I know...I am passe in that desire. Who believes anymore in objectice truth? That is old fashioned, primitive. Our post-modernist intellectuals all argue that knowledge is opinion; all 'truth' is not objective fact but merely another subjective point of view; Einstein-ian relativity applied to knowledge itself.

There is no such thing as objectivity they say. Absolute fact or universal truth is a self-deception; an illusionary quest.

Perhaps so. But I'd like to believe that--even if I am forced to bow to post-modernism and accept that I can never find absolute truth--the fact is that I discover the greatest joy in trying to find old fashioned absolute objectivity and truth!

Perhaps a new truth is nothig but a better lie. Perhaps the search for singular truth may be a fool's quest, but I want to live happily in a totally subjective existance--which requires a good lie, a sustainable self-deception. Lie to me; but lie to me well.


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