Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Several reputable and recent news sources touted Sen. Barack Obama as the possible first black President of the US. I think that would be wonderful...I'd probably vote for him...but why is he black? He's half-black, isn't he? Like Tiger Woods, who is half-Thai. So if we consider Obama (or for that matter, Woods) black, aren't we, as a nation, guilty of returning to the old racism...that anyone with any African-America blood in them is automatically and categorically deemed 'black'.

I'm a Turk. Olive skinned. I must have some African genes in my ancestry, but I've been passing for white/Caucasian for years. So...are Obama--and Woods--black because they have thicker lips (what IS the standard for non-black lips, anyway? Mine stick out quite a bit...) and an absence of smooth, curly hair (which is very prevalent all over the Middle East, n'est pas!)?

I think the whole racial thing is nonsense. Racism is dead. (At least everywhere but in TV advertising: where interracial couples are still verboten. But that is corporate America; their social inertia is predictable: there is nothing more reactionary/concervative/socially retarded than business in pursuit of the almighty dollar!) In all other human as opposed to corporate venues, sexual activity has won the day; bedroom democracy is conquering all in its path, like an equalizing Mongol horde. We are all shaded; and getting shadier... a wonderful and continuing spectrum of racial mutts.

The non-skin-tone after-effects of the old racism are horribly and sadly prevalent, however; and on those sad legacies we should be concentrating: the preponderance of teen-age single mothers, dysfunctional US public education system, the prison system, etc. Only idiots perpetuate the idea of categorical black/white differentiation any more...even well-meaning idiots. Oh, I know, it makes for great headlines--the former disenfranchised finally getting their due; Jesse Jackson still making a buck off black-victimism; etc. We all get off on 'them versus us, black versus white, rich versus poor'; and 'three cheers for the underdog and the alienated', 'the Cubs win the pennant!', great ostentatious breastpounding (Although Obama went to Harvard and Woods went to Stanford...so much for their sad lot because of their 'blackness'). I agree; cheer for the underdog, but beware of unintended racism...by an all inclusive (or is it ex-clusive?) categorization. Vote for Obama and swing with Woods not because they have some 'black' in them, but because they are excellent in what they do. Forget what they look like...although...a confession I CAN'T!!!!: I must admit, I have trouble seeing past their skin, because, unfortunately for me and my average looks, they are both handsome as hell...which means they'll probably get all the girls. Ah, well...Vive la difference!


Blogger Ziyah said...

My brain has wanted to explode with these very thoughts. Why is any amount of "BLACK" called a black person? Barrack isn't black to me, he's BOTH people ... I would think that would make everyone really happy but nooooooooooo not us ... He's a "black guy".
My father was apache indian, my mother italian ... I do not think of myself as a "white girl", but becuz I'm NOT BLACK most people think I'm white. WTF? Ziyah

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