Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Moral Compass

On his program the other night Bill Moyers asked a guest, "Has America lost its moral compass?" I thought: 'Bill...for a compass to exist, to work, there must be a fixed point, a constant frame of reference, a North Pole, if you will. Instead we live in an Einsteinian world, of shifting positions and multiple vantage points. Post modern moral and intellectual relativity has refuted the possibility of that pole; nothing is fixed. The world spins on a random axis; nothing is certain'. So my direct answer to Bill Moyer's question is "Of course we've lost our moral compass...there no fixed reference point; ergo: there is no possibility of any compass anymore, moral or otherwise".


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Blogger Amy and Roger said...

Dear Mr. is time for me to assert myself. I know you will be proud whether you agree with me or not! That is what I like about you. Gone are the days of my concern for "self". Boldness and confidence are welling up inside of me. The Moral Compass has not changed and will never change, society has just chosen to ignore it. The formation of the United States was greatly impacted by the Bible. The Founding Fathers got the three branches of Government from the Bible, our money says "In God we Trust", our nation's pledge says, "one nation under God", a picture of Moses (a Biblical lawmaker) faces the Speaker of the House every time he or she stands to address Congress. The list goes on. In Early America the education system was based on the Word of God. Daily for the first 100 years of the educational system the New England Primer was the major text. The first line reads, "How glorious is our Heavenly King who reigns above the sky." This is what was being fed to the hearts and minds of the next generation. After that it was the McGuffey reader. Biblical in lesson as well. This is before the days of the ACLU obviously. Now we are trying to pull anything of God from schools, courts, money, lawmaking. I heard Mr. Obama on Oprah say that his mother told him to make decisions about life by walking in another's shoes in light of the given issue. Are you kidding me? Walking in another person's shoes would be the moral compass used as to which our next possible president of the United States makes his decisions.
You are right Mr.Osmond, with Mr. Obama's kind of thinking, no frame of reference exists. Check this out, the president of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, Dr. Duane Litfin made this observation. He said, "The problem of Bible illiteracy is that the Bible doesn't function in society the way it was designed to function. America was a nation that accepted both the Bible as God's Word and the principles of the Bible by which to live, to make laws and to work. America was a Christian-friendly nation because it respected the principles of the Bible and the Bible itself. As long as America had a friendly attitude toward the Bible, the Bible functioned in society as a guide for life, and God blessed America."
It is obvious that America no longer has a "friendly attitude" toward the Bible. It isn't expected that all embrace it, but simply a friendly attitude toward it. It is to rewrite history to take the Bible out of
the making of our nation. And that is what society has been trying to do since around 1962 when the Supreme Court outlawed prayer in school. As stated by Woodrow Kroll on his radio broadcast, "Back to the Bible", "The historical oddity is that the expression "separation of church and state" does not occur in the Constitution; we just think it does. This was an expression by Thomas Jefferson in a private letter. It related specifically to not allowing the state to govern religion. It had nothing to do with keeping religion out of politics.

Now of course, people don't want us to know that today. We are better off in this country--a lot of people think--when we are ignorant of our own history. Because we're ignorant of our own history, we don't know the impact the Bible has had on America. But the Founding Fathers never intended for us to separate religion from life; in fact, what they did was to preserve the ability for us to have a religion as a part of our life."

If those who believe the Bible is the inerrant and inspired Word of God would began to pick up the Book and know its Truths and then began to find their assertive voices in holding out this truth to society, for the betterment of man and the Glory of God, we might then get back to a society that has a Moral Compass that never changes or wavers. As I used to sing as a young girl and still believe today, "The B-I-B-L-E, yes that's the Book for me. I stand alone on the Word of God. The B-I-B-L-E." --Amy Wahman

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Blogger Cliff Osmond said...

I read your blog "WILL YOU GO OUT WITHOUT KNOWING". Including this reference to my "Moral Compass" article. We agree. (Do you believe it?!) The contemporary American loss of a religious and moral "North Pole" is probably the greatest conributing factor in the moral and ethical fragmentation ('losing our way') in today's society. How we get consensus and cohesion back (I know your answer: return to the B-I-B-L-E !) is America's most pressing question. Question: Why do we have so many lawyers in America today? Answer: Without a generally accepted code of behavior (honor, truth, compassion, standards) we are left to litigating morality and ethics everyday in a courtroom! Right becomes only a matter of legal might. Tragic; sad!

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