Friday, September 28, 2012

Replacing the Replacements

I vowed not to get overtly political in this blog. Perhaps that's why I have written so infrequently over the past two months.

But the NFL-Referee fiasco has gotten me going. What is the lesson from the labor stalemate? The owners are greedy? Of course. They they are willing to jeopardise their golden goose because of their egos? Of course. The Professional referees desearve more? Most probably. BUT: Did you really expect the inexperienced replacement referees to be up to the task...duh?

Be logical: you cannot run a successful enterprise with replacements...of any kind..and expect them to be up to the task immediately! Developed competence takes time. I might want to and deserve to be a the new cook in the kitchen, displacing my wife; but you probably won't eat as well as you did for a while. Facts of life. Successful transitions take time.

We have been running America (like the NFL this season) with replacement referees (talent) in key positions for forty years...and the game has suffered. Let me repeat: fact of life. Transitions take time. The beneficiaries of the social revolutions since the late 1960s have not been fully up to the task of running America's economic and political life at the highest levels. No fault of their own; they just didn't have the experience (blame sexism, racism, ethnicism, if you want) but they were ON AVERAGE unequipped to adjudicate that the high level the American game. And the game has suffered. In overall instances (of course there are exceptions...but they only prove the rule) the replacement by the 'new referees' has been a case of massive 'learning on the job.' And when the game has been played at the highest level of political and economic activity that the US has been playing the game (just like it is played the phenomenal NFL players)--and played in a shifting global game--the referees are bound to--and did--make a lot of wrong, inadequate calls...and the game was threatening to get out of control, as it egregiously did in the walk-up to the so-called Financial Crisis.

To develop excellence requires time...and America may be running out. I warn the beneficiaries of the great and inevitable social revolution of the last 40 years to own up, stop blaming the past and instead pour their hyperbolic angst ("I've been screwed over") into the future...or the next wave of Americans (Indians, Asians, Pakistanis, etc) will walk right past them. Those cultures have no white Anglo male guilt to be exploited (as the social revolutionaries have done for the past forty years); they just work harder, generally take more responsibility for their own lives ("Shit Happens; Move On") and are already leapfrogging to the top.

Look around: college admission and graduation rates, key positions at hospital staffs, employment statistics...the future is already upon us. Grow, accept responsibility, double your effort, or, as a nation (unless the new groups can save us) we will wither.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

For Your Consideration

Whether we like it or not, America is at war with a bunch of Alpha males. They scream, they kill, the turture. Operationally, they exemplifify animals. No holds barred, they kill, cut off heads, set captives on fire, drag our foreign service workers through streets, They are bitter, bitter killers.

A further example of their Alpha Maleness. Look how they negotiate with their own women; and how the female gender is rendered second class. Women are abstracted from the running of their own county. Politics is male. (The home may by run by women, we from the outside only see the dismissive burkas).

Yet our politicians that rule in the USA, Obama primary among them, Joe Biden, Eric Holder are beta males at least from what we see under the political cover and statements. Are they up to the task of dealing with Alpha killers? Their international polical statements are equivocal, nuanced and consiliatory. As are the ones of Hillary Clinton, Susanna Rice. They are strong woman, alpha females if you will, but can Alpha females by instinct defeat terrorist Alpha Males?

We are in war, and men are by hereditary and cultural inclination (still) warriors. That is not to say Alpha Males are incapable of understanding peace; but what we seem to need at the forefront of our national leadership right now is the big stick, not the big hug...a slap in the face and not protracted conversation and consideration. If we lose this thing, the only hug we'll get is the final embrace.

We must fight back. There is little retreat built into the kind of men we are fighting. They seem to only understand power and all-out endeavors. How many more suicide bombers and trainer-killers in Afghanistan do we need to see before we accept the certainty that we are in an Alpha war with radical Islam, not a Beta 'win-the-hearts-and-minds-of -the people' confrontation? Drones are not the right choice in this kind of fight; it is the choice of sophistication and civilization and carefullness...which is seen by the other side as cowardice: Drones are seen as beta men sitting in air-coditioned cubicles in Vegas dropping impersonal punishment on the enemy while even the leaders of our friends (?) China and Russia; are still at the stage of brutally purging and killing their own internal adversaries!

For this brief period we need men who will bellow as loud as the enemy. We need Alpha Men as national leaders, with the mind-set of Seals and Special Ops (we have too few of them) to operate as the American Revolutioaries did, when they "wished they had more than one life to give for their county"...and "Give me liberty or give me death." Think of Abraham Lincoln, the position he was in before he found General Grant to prosecute the Civil War for the North: "Where can I find me a General who will fight?"

We have had forty years of feminising America. It has been highly beneficial on many fronts, but we are mow in an Alpha Male time of challenge when it comes to the decisions of war. Androgeny can come later; when we win the peace. But today we still have a need for our Alpha Males in highest offices in the land.