Friday, July 16, 2010

Being Left Behind is Harrrrrd on Sofia

About three week's ago, Sofia's Mommy, my lovely daughter Mishi, came to visit my wife and I in LA for a day and a half. Her visit was at the tail end of attending a two and a half day convention of investigative journalists in Las Vegas. Her visit to us her parents meant she would be away from Sofia, her daughter and our granddaughter, for "four WHOLE days", as Sofia might phrase it.

On the night of Mishi's final day in LA, she, my wife and I visited the home of an old friend of ours, Katherine, a former teacher at Mishi's childhood school.

We had a delightful time visiting with her and her husband, Dale; and as we started the short drive back home, Grammy felt the need to call Sofia on the cell phone. Immediately.

(LONG BACK STORY NOTE to conversation: For the whole four days Mishi had been away, Sofia had complained of a sore tummy. Her Popi, who was overseeing her at home, was of course worried that something serious was wrong, and was in constant telephone conference with Mommy, both in Las Vegas and in LA. Grammy, of course, couldn't keep herself out of the issue. She was in daily contact with Sofia and Popi over the phone, getting reports and giving advice.

It seems Sofia did not attend school during that period, saying she was too much in pain. The question, of course, was whether Sofia was truly sick with a bug, or mildly discomforted by constipation (the menu was somewhat erratic without Mommy helping with the cooking)--which meant Sofia should have gone to school, or "doing a number" on Popi because of Mommy being away. Opinions varied.

Once a fever had been ruled out by Popi placing a thermometer in Sofia's mouth, Mommy and Grandpa tended to see constipation as the prognosis, Popi and Grammy leaned to a more serious problem, hence Popi allowing Sofia to stay at home.

Back to the cell phone call.)

Grammy (concerned but bubbly--Grammy is always bubbly when talking to Sofia): "How are you, sweetheart?"

Sofia (low and drawn-out voice): "Not good. My tummy hurrrts."

Grammy (still bubbly, still rambling on): "We just were visiting Katherine and Dale. Remember them [from a former visit Sofia made to California]? They said to say hello."

Sofia: [Silence}

Grammy" "We had a wonderful time."

Sofia: "I'm bored. (after a long pause) It's more fun when Mommy's here."

Grammy: "Well, guess what? Mommy is getting on the plane first thing tomorrow morning."

Sofia: (emphatically) "Tell her get on the plane NOW."

Grammy: "Her ticket is for tomorrow."

Sofia: "Tell her to get another ticket."

Grammy: "She can't do it. It would cost too much money."

Sofia was silent. Then:

Grammy: "You want to talk to Mommy?

Sofia: (Even more silence)

Grammy handed the phone to Mishi, who glumly and guiltily got on the phone.


The next day Mommy got on the plane.

Sofia's sore tummy was somewhat better when Mommy got home; and and even better when Sofia went to the potty.

Put off was the question of Sofia not attending school while constipated but without a fever. Hugs and hellos and kisses rules the moment.

Mommy re-inforced the rule later that night: "No fever, you go to school."

The next day a phone called arrived at Gammy's and Grandpa's house.

Sofia: "Mommy's home! and guess what, Grammy? I had a poopy. It was harrrrd."

The moral to this fable: "Loving, and leaving, and being left behind, is harrrrrd on Sofia...and Mommy".

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I'll be Damned. What a Small World.

From today's news concerning the FBI agent testimony at the trial of former Illinois Governor Blagojevich:

"...two government witnesses, business executives Robert Williams and Michael Winter, testified that they had worked at a company owned by convicted political fixer Tony Rezko following Blagojevich's 2002 election, when Patti Blagojevich received a $12,000-a-month consulting fee from the firm for seven months.

"The two men testified that she showed up at the company only occasionally, often with her children in tow, and never seemed to take any major part in the development firms projects.

"Williams said Rezko told him he wanted to find ways of getting money to Patti Blagojevich."

Rezko! Tony Rezko??! Wasn't that the guy who, at about the same time he was helping Blogojevich, aided President Obama (when he was Illinois State Senator) to buy his home in Chicago and buy the adjacent lot so nobody could build next door to it?