Sunday, December 07, 2008

"He Got Her Pregnant"

In an article, "Outside Agitator", on Naomi Klein, "the new new left"'s agitprop star, in the December 8th issue of the New Yorker, author Larissa MacFarquar, writing about the doctor father of Naomi Klein, Michael, states: "Meanwhile he had met a young activist filmmaker from Philadelphia named Bonnie Sherr, and got her pregnant [italics mine]...They ended up in Montreal."

Got her pregnant? I assume Naomi's dad didn't rape her, since they went off together to Montreal and set up house. My best guess is the sex was consensual. If so, isn't "got her pregnant" a bit of recidivism from the female writer's point of view?

I remember well that statement from my youth: "men got women pregnant"...which, at least from my mother's point of view, she strongly passed on to me. We men--whose fault it was--were expected to assume (as the phrase infers) responsibility. "If you're old enough to get a girl pregnant, you're old enough to marry her."

The sense of 'getting a woman pregnant' (I've always figured) was based on (and rejected by the modern, liberated women) the assumption that women in those days didn't really want sex and therefore men always cajoled, seduced, extorted and forced women into it....whom, I assume, from Ms. MacFarquar statement, includes even the liberal, free-spirited filmmaker-communist-feminist inclined women such as Bonnie Sherr (Naomi's mother); at least as I read her persona from the article, which included a later film on pornography.

Note to Ms. MacFarquar: in today's age and time, and properly so, if it's now a woman's body--and a woman's sexual choice is bolstered by the law and the pill--may I ask you to drop in any future writing on sex and pregnancy that antiquated--and female chauvinist--phrase: "got her pregnant". It now--and perhaps even then--takes two to tango.


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PREACH IT! Amen and AMEN! :)

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Blogger Ziyah said...

Conscious, accurate, brilliant.


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