Monday, November 24, 2008

A Human Tragedy

From a news posting on Earthlink:

"MHANGURA, Zimbabwe--

"Rebecca Chipika, a child of 9, prods a stick into a termite mound to draw out insects. She sweeps them into a bag for her family's evening meal.

"Katy Phiri, who is in her 70s, picks up single corn kernels spilled from trucks that ferry the harvest to market. She says she hasn't eaten for three days. 'If you rest, you starve,' she says.

"These scenes from a food catastrophe are unfolding in Doma, a district of rural Zimbabwe where journalists rarely venture. It's a stronghold of President Robert Mugabe's party and his enforcers and informants are everywhere."

The above are horrid tales of elemental survival; they are horrific reminders that in some parts of the world people have been forced to go back 5000 or more years, to pre-agriculural life-styles, where human existence is a 24/7 hunting and gathering for food.

How can the world stand by and allow that? There can be no rationalization to justify it, political, economic, practical or philosophical. If ever there was a basis for a 'just war', that is it. Each day the developed world delays in eradicating Mugabe's control of Zimbabwe is a day of mortal sin on the world's soul.


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