Monday, September 29, 2008

A Political Fairy Tale

One day, dear children, many years ago in America (in the 1960s and 1970s), due to culteral shifts in concepts of social freedom, rich white men saw that blacks and women (and some gays) were going to be elected to power positions. So rich white men backed off and let them get elected. Can't fight Mother Nature.

But rich white men made sure that they would still pull the strings on elected officials by letting women and black election 'reformers' create new campaign laws that SEEMED to reform election $$$$ contibutions, but, in reality, made $$$$ critical in getting anybody elected.

The result: women and blacks and other reformers who now wanted (and were) elected in greater and greater numbers; but still had to go to rich white men for $$$$ to run campaigns.

So now, in 2008, we have black Representative _____ and female Senator/Governeor ________ kissing rich white men's $$$ asses for money...and thereby now rich whte men still run the government, only now from behind the scenes as opposed to before, right up front. Or in those cigar filled rooms eveyone bitched about.

The more everything changes the more everything remains the same.

PS: By the you think they'll (the new diversity officials and we Americans) will live happily ever after?


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