Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Prayer to Israel

Oh Israel, Look east, not west. Your future lies--like your geography--with the Middle East, not with Europe and America. Forget your Ashkenazim past, look to your Sephardi future. If anyone can understand your desires for a religious state (run by Jews), it is the Islamic run countries of the Middle East. They--like you--accept the centrality of God/Allah in their national affairs.

Assure Arabs and others that that a secure Israel can help them make their post-oil deserts bloom,; as you did yours. Your people are educated, energetic, compassionate. Tell them you will be willing to be placed place at Middle East disposal. Renew your common historical/geographic past; talk of a common future.

Be a neighbor; and a friend. Stop living your new diaspora, a life lived within defined boundaries; yet still looking over your shoulder at each and every turn, your atomic bomb, the jewel in your arsenal, your only survival tactic?

Ask Islam for that one small piece of desert land; to forgive and forget the 1948 UN mandates which thrust your existence onto them. Share with them your terrorist past agaist the British. They understand the need for terrorism. Preach and make real your Holocaust to them; they understand pain and suffering. They have endured under Christianity for centuries as well.

End once and for all your 3000 year journey.


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