Saturday, December 29, 2007

From Iowa

Sorry I have been derelict writing this blog, but I have been packing posters, making phone calls and--today--canvassing in the snow, ducking icicles--it is COLD--getting people to comit to caucus locally for John Edwards on the 3rd of January.

(A caucus is like a town meeting in big open space--gymnasium or elementary school, etc.--where the voters of a precinct--a voting neighborhood, so to speak...about 1500 precincts in Iowa, by the way...gather and literally stand in a corner for their favorite candidate, be counted, so that delegates to a county convention can be apportioned according to the number of supporters standing for their candidate. You want democracy in action, SEE Iowa.)

Speaking of 'seeing', I went to Independence, Iowa, yesterday, in a snowstorm--80 miles away from my present location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa--to see and hear John Edwards speak in person. (Actually, I went to to arrange chairs and hand out lapel stickers before he spoke; and then sit immediately and to the side behind him, four feet away, as he spoke to the crowd. 200 people showed up; he was electric.)

I fulfilled a long held desire to watch his eyes, in person, to see if there was 'truth' there. There was. He cares. And I don't mean just about winning an election. He cares about people, making their lives better. I believe it. He can unite this very non-united America, I believe that also...and fulfill the legacy of Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John and Bobby Kennedy.

The press is a bit too bi-polar in their concentration about Obama and Clinton. Read up on Edwards. He is by far the best option on the Democratic side. And the best option in general. He just may be the surprise coming out of Iowa...and after the White House.


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