Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Political Process

We are born honest, with deep emotional needs. We are soon overwhelmed by emotional fears (some taught to us by our parents).

We learn also to cater to those fears.

Accordingly, we live half lives. Puberty challenges. We become self-aware human beings, sensing we are co-conspiring in our own self-demise. We lose self-esteem. To re-affirm dignity and self-worth (truth), we turn to our educational system. There (with the help of other thwarted human beings called teachers) we create a series of sophisticated intellectual social/political/economic rationales to justify our chosen fear syndrome. Reflecting Post Modernism, we are taught to cherry-pick only facts from reality which support those rationales.

We get (only) As and Bs as the student marketplace dictates. We graduate. We become Republicans or Democrats, affiliating only with people with like-minded set of half-truths. We soon reduce our quest for knowledge to watching only CNN or Fox or MSNBC. We become self-righteous. We vote.

We win. A rush of power. Emotional fulfillment. Power to the people (the mob).

Four years later...fear. Another election? Mommy! Daddy! The child is emotionally naked (and fearful) once again.


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