Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Your Friend, the Truth

Challenge truth. Embrace it, and you'll thrive.

Run from it and you will eventually be doomed.

Reality will eventually win out in the long run.

Like a river, the flow of truth may be blocked, diverted, go underground; or in human terms, denied, but it will eventually be forced by gravity to find its natural level. All nature--including human--finally adheres to reality.

Sometimes, like pain, in the short term, reality can be dulled, avoided, narcotized; but the disease from whence it comes, its origins and control of our destiny, will only continue down its destructive path: culminating in its long term inevitability.

There are unpleasant truths, like forcing on you a harsh blast of pain from a diseased tooth. In the short run you may avoid chewing on that side of your mouth, or place an aspirin on it to alleviate the pain, but the logic on inexorable reality says: Go to the Dentist. Face reality. Otherwise the tooth--your life--will only get worse.

Your finest, best choice, even if it is painful, is always to face truth, reality, as soon as possible; understand it, embrace it. It is your dearest friend.


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