Friday, August 27, 2010

Sofia and Tooth #2

A week ago, the tooth fairy left Sofia a dollar under her pillow for her lost baby tooth #1.

Tooth #2 came loose two days ago. Unfortunately, the experience surrounding lost tooth #2 was going to be more complicated. Sofia swallowed it. "Mommy! Mommy! Somebody at school told me I have two tooth holes in my mouth. I must have lost another tooth." "Where is it?" Mommy asked. "I must have swallowed it!...What will I do about the tooth fairy?!!" Mommy thought fast on her feet. "The tooth fairy will know you lost a tooth." "No, she won't. How will she know?" "We'll leave a note under the pillow." So Sofia wrote. "Dear tooth fairy: I lost my tooth." Only the tooth fairy must have been tired that night, and went to sleep without visiting Sofia. No dollar was left for missing tooth #2. "Mommy, Mommy," Sofia exclaimed, coming down for breakfast, "the tooth fairy didn't come." She was about to cry. A well-rested Mommy said: "Don't worry. We'll leave another note tonight. There were probably a lot of teeth from a lot of children falling out last night and the tooth fairy just couldn't make it." Sofia bought that explanation; barely. That night, she made sure the note remained under the pillow. But no tooth fairy, again. Breakfast was not a calm affair. Mommy explained: "The tooth fairy must really have been busy...or maybe fell asleep. Tooth fairies get very tired from all that travelling. Just like Mommy sometimes gets tired from travelling?" Sofia was beside herself with worry. Maybe the tooth fairy wouldn't come. She wrote a more extended note this time: "Dear Tooth Fairy: I'm sorry. I swallowed my tooth. At the back-to-school pot luck picnic." That night, the tooth fairy arrived, and, the next morning, all was well. The very contrite tooth fairy was off the hook. Tune in for more tooth fairy travels and tooth adventure #3...


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