Monday, March 22, 2010


Pain is an interesting phenomenon. At least with me. The past five weeks or more I have been battling with a couple of fractured ribs and a fractured vertebrae. They have won; every day, every consuming moment of that day. Thankfully pain has receded. I am now able to sleep through the night, and while awake, sit at the computer without pain. But the former pain crushed hope, and belief, and others. There was no desire to commumicate; only survive. Alone, even helpers, welcome and generous as they might be, were in an outside world. Needs were shared; but not feelings or thoughts. Which brings me to my point in all this. Sorry to those loyal or adventurous readers of this blog for not posting any written work . I am beginning to write as you can see...and think...beyond the demanding selfish embrace of pain. More sunlight, I promise to you, tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. More "tales told by an idiot" to follow.


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Nice to see your voice :)

When you get thru the pain and come out the other side of this injury from hell... I highly recommend that you go back and re-read your post for march 9th ... even though I got all worked up when I first read it-its really GORGEOUS. Hopefully it will have been worth it ... to get that out of you.

Don't sit for too long ...
Nurse Nancy

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