Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Small Marital Moments

My wife went out of the house yesterday to pick up a few things from the market. Before she left I had asked her to buy me a tube of shampoo and a separate tube of conditioner. She called me from the market: "Can I just get you a combined shampoo and conditioner in one?"

The inner circuits of my mind whirled. You know how it is: you're about to say something, but the mind asks for a brief review.

Still holding onto the phone, I looked at the night table by the bed. There stood my wife's body moisture creams, and her separate tube of the anti-itching cream. Her body lotion cream was nearby, and the cream for her cuticles, plus the cream for the backs of her hands. Down the hallway I could see into the bathroom; on the counter were her eye creams, her forehead cream, the collagen cream, the calming cream (behind it the ultra calming cream), the dry skin therapy cream, the positively radiant cream, the anti-wrinkling and anti-aging cream, the lemon revive and purifying cream and the aroma therapy cream.. There was even a special cream that removes all the other creams.

"Two in one is fine, honey."

A final thought passed through my mind. "Remember, Cliff; she didn't marry you for your beauty."


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