Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Want To Matter

All human existence echoes the refrain: "I want to matter!"

"I want to be assured through my thoughts and actions that my life is meaningful". So we humans fall in love ('...perhaps if one person thinks I'm special; others will follow'...), we have children (seed supersedes death), we write books and publish on our Website (now that will insure that we will endure forever!) we build testaments and monuments (big college buildings with our names on them), and we bury ourselves--not in the decomposing earth, but in cement vaults (and in New Orleans, above ground). We believe in God, Heaven, and Eternity.

Samuel Beckett wrote: "We give birth astride of a grave; the light gleams an instant. Then it's night once more." "No," our actions, beliefs, philosophies and shout in rebuttal. "My light will gleam forever!"


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