Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Present is Dead (or rather, On the Phone)

Walk down any street, when you are on the cell phone, look around, think: Do you know anyone is alive? Does anyone know you're alive? The answer to both questions is probably no.

We are all on the all-important, can't live without, cell phone, in our own time/space bubble. Everyone is somewhere else, geographically/electronically projecting themselves into someone else's life...all living in some in a universe of electronic 'otherness'. Einstein's consummate example of the relativity of time and space.

It makes me think of a new film. The central character does not live in the present. He is somewhere else, probably on the phone, in the future; only realizing his present when the past catches up to him...when it is too late to do anything about it! (When his phone goes dead?)

Due to the new cell-phone realty, any real sense we might have had of the importance of space/time living-today-in-the-present reality is gone, in the garbage dump of our personal history. We will soon only be able to determine who and and what we are (or, for that matter, WHERE we are) by sorting through the refuse of our life (voice mail?). We will no longer be cognizant (present in) the here and now. We will only understand (be aware of) the present by searching through the past refuse of our lives. Only in our life's garbage dump, lying next to our disposed cell-phone, will we be aware of yesterday, its possibilities and actualities.

Are we alive today? I don't know. Call me; we'll chat about it.


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