Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hardly an Epidemic

There was a feature article from Associated Press on the Earthlink online news a couple of days ago: "Sexual Misconduct Plague US Schools". The article highlighted the fact that there were 2500 punished cases of sexual misconduct perpetrated against students by administrators and teachers in the public school system in the last five years; also highlighted was the fact that there were 3 million public school teachers and administrators in the US system, and said there were 3 sexual misconduct incidents every school day throughout the system!

At first I was aghast; as the article intended me to be. Then:

Three a day? (1) ONLY 3 a day, among 3 million potential 'predators'...how bad is that? Hardly an epidemic. Especially when one considers that sexual misconduct also means sexual language and inappropriate touching. (2) I'm amazed there are not MORE incidents, what with everyone--student and teacher/administrator--in their everyday lives being bombarded by sexual references and overt sexual innuendo and activity on TV, movies and in songs. I'm amazed everyone isn't walking around with moist thighs and erections. (3) Even assuming sexual misconduct has gotten worse today than it was in 'the old days' (hence the article), the way some of school kids are dressed and talking is a walking advertisement for being 'hit on'? Youth's sexual freedom=increased sexual temptation/energy/activity. Plus the fact the school teachers are younger and younger; not like the 'good old days' when most teachers (at least the ones I had) were aging spinsters and older 'gentle-men'.

Do you think maybe AP was 'reaching' for a story...maybe the authors were a little overstimulated themselves? Sort of 'sexual reportage misconduct'? Sexual misconduct is bad wherever and whenever it occurs; especially by those who have a special fiduciary responsibility to the youth under their charge...and must be contained wherever it arises...but real or feigned hysteria over a story--sexy or otherwise--does the truth, and society in general, limited service.

Cool it, AP.


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